WhatsApp Has a New Feature “Community” | How To Create WhatsApp Community

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Whatsapp Has NewFeature Its Called Community & How to create a Community on WhatsApp

Whatsapp has a new look on the homepage. The change is not significant, but enough to attract attention. Now it appears that a new icon appears in the upper left corner which was previously occupied by the camera icon.

The icon looks like a picture of three human characters. Not only on WhatsApp mobile, the same icon also appears on WhatsApp web and the desktop version, flanked by a profile photo and Status icon.

The three-character symbol of that person is a new feature called Community. Because it is inhabited by the Community feature, the camera icon now moves to the top right side, next to the search icon (magnifying glass image).

Community is a new WhatsApp feature that can connect several WA groups with related interests or topics in one large group.

For example, several groups of parents/guardians gather in one large school group. It can also be a group containing inter-divisional employees who are combined in one large office group parent.

In the Community feature, the admin has quite a lot of control. Community group admins can share information with all connected members of the Community.

In addition, admins can also add groups or add members individually to the Community. Community Admins can also make Community members additional admins, like in a regular WA group.

How to create a Community on WhatsApp

How to create a Community on WhatsApp is quite easy, like creating a regular WhatsApp group. Here are the steps:

  • Open the WhatsApp app
  • Click the “Community” icon in the upper left corner
  • Click “New Community”
  • Enter a suitable Community name, description, and profile photo
  • Click the arrow to the right below
  • Click “Add existing group” to add an existing WA group to the Community
  • You can also choose “Create a new group” to add a new WA group that has not been formed.
  • Please note, you cannot add groups that have already joined the Community you created
  • Click the check mark in the lower right corner.
  • For admins, Community chat will appear on the “chat” tab, as well as WA groups that are members of the Community. Admins can make announcements at the same time in the Community or in certain groups that are members of the Community.

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