What is Crypto Ad Network ? Best 7 Crypto Ad Networks

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In this post, you will learn What is a Crypto Ad Network. Top 7 Crypto Ad Networks to Market Blockchain products

What is a Crypto Ad Network? 

Crypto ad networks are also ad networks, just like Google AdSense and other networks. The only difference is that this type of ad network supports crypto-related projects. The network only approves blockchain-oriented businesses and websites.

If you have one, give the crypto advertising industry a try. You can run highly efficient advertising campaigns using native ads and banner ads through this type of network.

If you want to attract the traffic you want in bulk to your crypto projects, you must monetize that content with crypto ad networks and use appropriate advertising strategies. That way, you can get the maximum benefit.

And how are they important?

There is a list of useful and best Crypto Ad networks that will help publishers and advertisers promote their business. Some Networks are also the Best Ad Networks for Small Publishers.

No Problem, even if you have very small targeted crypto Traffic, you can monetize your website with this Ad Network and earn bitcoins from your blog or website.

Most Networks are based on a Cost per click model. You can find more Best CPC Ad Networks that you can use to monetize your website.

This network is the best source for increasing traffic to website as it delivers targeted traffic to your website and saves you time. This way, by interacting with real people who are genuinely interested in seeing and buying your product.

In this article, we will review the top 7 cryptocurrency ad networks.

1. Coinzilla: The Best Crypto Ad Network

  • Website: https://cointrafic.io/
  • Traffic & Engagement/Month: 4.1M+ traffic
  • Popular: Indonesia, Brazil, Ukraine, Turkey, India

Founded in 2014, Coinzilla is a bitcoin advertising network that provides traders with viable options for displaying and promoting cryptocurrency-related services. Managed by Sevio Solutions, Coinzilla works with more than 200 companies and 400 publishers to deliver high-quality advertising for bitcoin-related websites.

With a strong reputation in the bitcoin and blockchain industry, Coinzilla is committed to helping traders increase revenue and achieve their goals. As a result, advertisers can be confident that their message will be seen by a wide audience of interested individuals. Whether you want to promote a new website or increase awareness of an existing service, Coinzilla can help you achieve your goals.

  • Payment Methods: Credit card, BTC, ETH and Web money
  • Pros: Referral program, Reliable and fast payments, Quality advertisers
  • Cons: Strict website requirements

2. A-ADS

  • Website: https://a-ads.com/
  • Traffic & Engagement/Month: 2.0 million+ traffic
  • Popular: Russia, Slovakia, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam

A-ADS is known as one of the first crypto advertising networks in the market. It mainly started in 2011 and was able to maintain a great business reputation. Currently, this advertisement, known as, is very popular. A customer may be able to see in some open and clear statistics that they can get around 80 million impressions daily if we look at their core and central capabilities, which can be considered as crypto traffic and crypto type project advertising.

If the client can engage in crypto gambling, exchanges and ICOs of any kind, then the customer may choose A-ADS. We can also pick these networks which are the most reliable and convenient for advertisers. Here on this platform, campaign creation is quite easy and simple, and the overall approval process is quick and fast. There are many options for customizing your campaign for the desired performance. Clients may be able to use geotargeting..

A-ADS Ad network


  • Great anonymity.
  • Non-intrusive ads, not annoying banners, “ethical advertising”.
  • Payment is always on time.
  • Publishers can filter out unwanted ads.
  • Advertisers can filter out unwanted sites.
  • A-ADS does not place cookies on publisher websites.
  • High CPM for Bitcoin traffic.

Cons: You may have to wait a while for your website to be reviewed

3. Bitmedia.io

  • Website: https://bitmedia.io/
  • Traffic & Engagement/Month: 1.5M+ traffic
  • Popular: United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Ukraine, Turkey
Bitmedia.io is an AI based Ad network
Bitmedia.io is an AI based Ad network

Bitmedia is an AI based Ad network company launched in 2015. Bitmedia attracts 1 billion impressions every month along with more than 20 million unique visits. Currently, 5,000 crypto-based websites are running more than 20,000 campaigns on Bitmedia.

Bitmedia provides advertisers with several targeting options, such as geo, device, time and frequency. As for the advertising model, they provide both CPM and CPC.

For quality, Bitmedia has strict verification checks to only provide legitimate impressions to advertisers. First, they verify each seller manually. Furthermore, they have check-ins like third party traffic control, manual click and impression moderation, runtime verification, etc. Thanks to this, all paid traffic, bots and fraudulent impressions are removed, and advertisers pay only for quality impressions.

Regarding payments, Bitmedia offers publishers to withdraw their earnings in Bitcoin or cash. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0001 BTC.

Pros: Good support, Excellent user interface, Quality traffic thanks to advanced algorithms

Cons: Only crypto websites allowed

4. EZmob: The Best Crypto Mobile Ad Network

  • Website: https://ezmob.com/
  • Traffic & Engagement/Month: 940K+ traffic
  • Popular: USA, Germany, Japan, France, Canada

Ezmob is one of the best Mobile Advertising Network For advertisers and publishers too. EZmob is the best crypto ad Network. You can purchase mobile traffic, set up operations using a self-service interface, and influence the actual intensity of offers in real time. Ezmob is a full package mobile advertising company with leading innovation and deep strategy-building capabilities.

Ezmob allows you to make the right decisions and value your time and effort. They have Primum publishers and traffic from all over the world, and they can help you get targeted traffic from over 160 countries.

EZmob has paid publishers based on the CPM , CPC , CPV and CPI  formats . They pay monthly and are always on time, which is why thousands of publishers and advertisers trust ezmob. It is one of the best ad network for publishers and advertisers to join


  • Many ad formats.
  • Hassle-free setup.
  • Quick to respond and sparkling ads.
  • Loyal support.
  • Responsive Ads.
  • Real time stats
  • Good BPS.
  • Works without interfering with your existing Ad Network.


  • They do not cover blog sites and their administration is restricted to mobile applications.

5. Lolli

  • Website: https://www.lolli.com/
  • Traffic & Engagement/Month: 200K+ traffic
  • Popular: United States, Germany, Pakistan, Indonesia, Korea

Lolli is a company that advertises saying they have reinvented shopping and advertising. They are one of the best crypto ad networks available.

They are trying to change the way brands and customers interact using blockchain technology.

Lolly is a new social media platform looking to revolutionize the way users interact with brands. It allows users to follow their favorite brands, notifying them whenever a coupon, discount or sale is available. Lolly Coin – where blockchain comes into the equation – allows users to serve as they add more personal information and interact more frequently with the platform.

In exchange for their loyalty, users are rewarded with coins that can be used to purchase discounts and coupons from brands they follow. In addition, the more active users are on the platform, the more coins they will earn. As a result, Lolly provides an incentive for users to stay engaged with the brands they love.


  • Available on many top brands
  • Easy to add to your browser
  • More shops added constantly
  • You can get up to 27% back in Bitcoin on your online purchases
  • Work in more than 1000 shops


  • Payment can be a slow process
  • Minimum withdrawal

6. Cointraffic.io – Leading Bitcoin Advertising Network

  • Website: https://cointrafic.io/
  • Traffic & Engagement/Month: 140K+ traffic
  • Popular: Indonesia, Brazil, Ukraine, Turkey, India

Cointraffic can play an important role in the case of crypto and fiat, which can meet everyone’s needs based on the accounting field. Here advertisers can usually pay €500 minimum deposit with a minimum budget per day of €20, which also states that in the case of any website that has a person, it can be ensured that all ads are running and advertisers are serious too. about their products.

Cointraffic has almost weak geo-restrictions. Unfortunately, we can also understand Bitcoin ads that usually appear on your website and cannot be linked without readers. This may lead in the sense of any negative experience for the sake of the reader, but in the sense where they can offer a CPM package, the client will still be paid. Webmaster payments can be considered to be highly dependent on the availability or presence of a minimum CPM.

  • Pros: Fast and easy to use platform, Great support, Advertisers on screen
  • Cons: You may have to wait a while for your website to be reviewed

7. AdBit

  • Website: https://adbit.biz/
  • Traffic & Engagement/Month: 40K+ traffic
  • Popular: Russia, Iran, Ukraine, India, Venezuela

AdBit is part of the BitRush network, and works on a day-to-day payment system. This is similar to Google AdSense where advertisers are willing to share inventory on their website.

The higher the bid, the higher the participation of a particular advertiser, and the more you can earn.

The only ad format options are captions, although they can be text, images, or interactive media, depending on the particular ad.

One of the advantages of AdBit is that payments are made to your account in real-time with every impression or click on an ad it receives. Like many crypto ad networks, there is a minimum withdrawal of 0.001 BTC.

One area where AdBit could improve is its support, which can be slow. However, it is a reliable option that has the potential to offer decent returns.

  • Pros: Payments are made in real-time
  • Cons: Relatively small, Few ad formats, Customer support can be a bit slow


Cryptocurrency ad network specializes in promoting advertisements related to Bitcoin and other fiat currencies on relevant websites.

There are several networks to choose from, some are easier to join, and others are more economical or offer better customer support.

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