Urusei Yatsura (2022) – Season 1 Episode 14 Recap & Review

That Mizunokoji Boy / Love Letter Trouble

Episode 14 of Urusei Yatsura begins with all the scholars taking part in baseball for the Tomobiki High School match. Ataru plans to throw the match, permitting him to attain ten free pool tickets when it’s concluded. Ataru pitches the ball, and Mendo hits a foul shot. The ball finally ends up knocking out a wandering samurai boy who occurs to be spying on them in a tree.

The boy falls out of the tree, inflicting everybody to hurry to his help. Mendo acknowledges the samurai boy, who occurs to be named Tobimaro Mizunokoji (Ton). He’s the inheritor to the Mizunokoji Sports empire. Mendo shares intel about his and Tobimaro’s household’s cultural descendants. Tobimaro’s clan are descendants of the the Aristocracy–whereas Mendo’s household are descendants of the samurai. Their clans didn’t get alongside nicely, leading to Mendo and Tobimaro treating one another as enemies once they had been youngsters.

That all modified when Mendo proved to Ton {that a} bat offers extra injury than a baseball. Ton says he spends his life coaching in baseball on the mountaintops. Once a yr, he challenges Mendo to a match, and so they’ve tangled in 11 matches that resulted in stalemates. Mendo’s sister Ryoko exhibits up and asks Ataru to let Ton be a part of his crew to satisfy his yearly battle quota with Mendo. Ataru asks why she’s keen to assist Ton out, and Ryoko says that Ton’s the primary man she’s ever liked.

This ends in Ataru and Mendo beating on Ton, regardless of him saying Ryoko’s mendacity. Mendo says he’ll enable Ton to compete if it means Ryoko will cease pursuing him as a romantic curiosity. Ryoko accepts, however Ataru needs to check Ton’s abilities earlier than they proceed with the sport. Although Ton is a horrible baseball participant, Ataru permits him to affix their crew because it’ll bode nicely in his grasp plan alluded to earlier. They proceed taking part in, and Ataru informs the viewers that each groups have scored zero factors.

Despite lacking the primary hit, Ryoko permits her guards to intrude with the sport. This results in them grabbing the ball from Mendo’s hand, having it faucet Ton’s bat, after which working away to make it seem like he hit a house run. Ataru chases and grabs ahold of the guard with the ball and makes a run for the house base earlier than Ton reaches it. All three males fall right into a traphole created by Ryoko’s different guard. The phase concludes with Mendo yelling at Ryoko for liking somebody as silly as Ton.

The subsequent set piece begins with Ton hiding underneath the Mendo Estate’s bridge. Mendo’s household guards discover that Mendo’s late for his every day routine of strolling with the octopuses. Ryoko arrives and takes the mantle in her brother’s steed. As she’s strolling over their household property’s bridge, Ton throws a dumbbell with a letter hooked up to it. It bonks one of many octopus heads.

Ryoko picks up the letter and reads it. Ton wished Mendo to satisfy him on the Mizunokoji Athletic Land at midday. Ryoko errors it as a love letter from Ton, although. Mendo arrives on the scene exhausted, startling Ryoko. He explains he’s drained as a result of Ryoko had entrapped him with a case of cement. Mendo tells Ryoko that she’s forbidden from leaving the property after seeing Ton’s letter in her arms. Ryoko has one of many guards present her with some TNT to blow Mendo away.

Afterward, Ryoko says she will be able to’t wait to satisfy Ton once more. Meanwhile, Ataru, Lum, and his household are having fun with a meal. Suddenly, Ryoko’s guard crashes the get together and informs Ataru that Ryoko desires to talk with him. On the telephone, Ryoko asks Ataru for some assist, and Ataru says he’d be very happy to help. One of the guards grabs him and locations him inside a bigger canister. Lum chases them down and reads the letter Ryoko dropped about Ton wishing to satisfy at Mizunokoji Athletic Land.

In the canister, Ryoko tells Ataru she’s being hunted by her brother for no good motive. At Mizunokoji Athletic Land, Ton awaits his combat with Mendo atop giant wood cylinders. He tries getting down however is seemingly afraid of heights. Lum arrives and affords him a hand, regardless of Ton not wanting a lady’s assist. Suddenly, Ryoko calls out to him, startling Ton. Lum drops Ton, however he’s saved by considered one of Ryoko’s guards. She holds on Ton tightly whereas he questions why Mendo didn’t present as much as their showdown.

Ton’s inquisitive about Ryoko’s flirtatious makes an attempt as she reveals that she used Ataru to forestall her brother from not interfering with their romantic affairs. Although Ataru tries fleeing with Ryoko, the guard stops him. It seems the guard accompanying Ryoko was Mendo as he reiterates his distaste for Ton getting romantic along with his sister. After sharing how a lot coaching he went by each day, Mendo tells Ton that he’ll settle for him being his sister’s boyfriend, puzzling Ton.

Before Ton can set Mendo straight, Mendo says he should defeat him in a combat to earn his sister’s hand. Before Mendo slices Ton along with his sword, Ataru interferes and declares he’ll be the one to take his sister’s hand. After Mendo’s knocked out for a bit, Ataru grabs Ryoko. Lum pursues him together with Mendo and the 2 crew as much as seize Ataru earlier than he departs. Lum lifts him and Ryoko into the air. Ryoko frees herself from Ataru’s grasp and lands on Ton’s face. Mendo grabs his sister away from Ton.

Ton will get up and tells Mendo that he’s not involved in having a romance with Ryoko. Ton tells him he wished to have a showdown with Mendo. Even after Lum reads the letter aloud, Mendo believes Ton’s letter was a love letter. The two bicker about it and interact in fight. It’s revealed that this isn’t the primary time Ryoko interfered with Ton’s makes an attempt at preventing Mendo. After some wacky antics, Mendo stops chasing Ton and says he’ll enable him to pursue his sister.

The episode concludes with Ton pleading that he’s not involved in women.

The Episode Review

This is one other nonsensical episode of Urusei Yatsura that’ll absolutely get many individuals laughing. From its weird baseball sport to the misunderstanding between Ton and the others, there’s one thing right here to warrant a chuckle from people. Comedy apart, this episode affords some worth concerning giving Mendo’s household further depth and giving Ryoko a potential love curiosity.

Fans will likely be intrigued to study Mendo’s household ancestry and need it leaned extra into it. Ton’s character was a breath of contemporary air for the sequence to date. In distinction to Ton, every character has been launched to behave romantically towards folks. This not solely helps Ton stand out from the solid, however it’ll make many viewers surprise how he’d work together with different solid members.

We’ll see how Ton’s character seems by the sequence’s conclusion, although. Otherwise, there’s not a lot else to say about this episode. It provides us some depth to our present protagonists and introduces a brand new rival for Mendo and a love curiosity for Ryoko. If solely the anime present targeted extra on introducing extra drama and relationship-building between Lum and Ataru.

I can’t assist however chuckle at its humorous jokes and slapstick. However, I miss when the present delves into extra severe conditions with our solid. Hopefully, the present can steer towards a extra severe angle like earlier chapters although.

(*1*)Expect A Full Season Write-Up When This Season Concludes!

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