Twitter Blue: Twitter subscription starts selling at higher prices than Netflix, Amazon Prime in India

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Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk at the end of October. Since then, there have been constant changes in this social platform. In addition to laying off nearly half of the company’s workforce, the US billionaire recently made subscriptions mandatory for using verified accounts. He said that to use Blue Tick on the profile, subscription must be purchased.

As such, Twitter Blue subscriptions have already started in multiple countries. Although the company has not yet launched this feature in India. Elon has already announced that the Twitter Blue subscription will cost $8 (about Rs. 640) per month in other countries, including the US. Elon said subscription prices will vary in each country. According to a recent report, Twitter Blue subscription has started in India.

Twitter Blue subscription is available for Rs 719 (about $8.88) per month, many said. Some customers have reported that this feature is rolling out to select customers. However, many people are surprised that Twitter subscriptions start at higher prices than in the United States. Apple customers can pay for this subscription from the App Store. It has been informed that if the subscription is not cancelled, the money will be automatically deducted every month.

While Twitter Blue subscriptions start at $8 in countries like the US and UK , Indian customers will have to shell out more. Although Elon Musk said in a tweet earlier that the price of Twitter Blue subscription will be determined in line with the income of common people in each country. After that, many thought that Twitter premium subscription might appear at a lower price than in the US .

But if recent reports are true then Twitter Blue subscription in India will cost Rs 719 per month. Which is more expensive than Amazon Prime and Netflix subscriptions.

Elon Musk bought Twitter for $4.4 billion in the last week of October . Recently, in a conference call with Twitter employees, Elon expressed the fear of bankruptcy of the company. This information was given in a report published in Bloomberg. In the first conference call with employees, Elon said that Twitter could face a loss of several billion dollars in the first fiscal year. Earlier in a tweet, Elon said that Twitter was losing $40 million per day.

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