Top 8 WhatsApp Mods You Must Try in 2022-2023 (Anti-Ban) [Updated]

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Are you looking for WhatsApp that can download status or hide blue ticks. Whatsapp mod apk Latest Version Free Download is the answer.

However, what WhatsApp mod is the most comfortable to use?

In this article I will show you the best WA mod recommendations that are comfortable to use for the long term and share the latest features, install and overcome bans.

Let’s get started.

What is WhatsApp Mods?

Whatsapp mod is a modified version of the WhatsApp application developed by a third party sourced from the WA Original playstore.

By adding features and doing a redesign that makes wa mod even cooler, especially plus we can use any theme we want.

More complete features as follows:


Features & Advantages of Whatsapp MOD

  • Anti delete message & status
  • Spy status
  • Long duration video stories
  • Anti blue tick
  • Chat without numbers
  • Hide status online
  • Send large full hd files
  • and many more..

As we know, the reason most people use WA MOD is a very useful additional feature that exceeds the normal WA.

So that we can enjoy WA with an aesthetic design without having to do more effort, such as using a third party theme or something else.

Since there are so many types of WhatsApp mods, I’ll give you a little picture before you decide to download and sacrifice regular WA.


Best WhatsApp MOD recommendations for 2022

  • Whatsapp GB
  • YoWhatsapp
  • Whatsapp Plus
  • RA Whatsapp
  • Fouad Whatsapp
  • FM Whatsapp
  • Aero Whatsapp

For more details, here is an explanation as well as a download link for each WhatsApp mod.

1. GB Whatsapp

GBWhatsapp is a wa mod application now developed by Fouadmods. Even though it’s different from the previous GBwhatsaap version. This application is still comfortable to use with the various features offered.

Here are the main features:

  • Can download profile pictures
  • Fixed new contacts sometimes not showing
  • Fixed the status splitter which sometimes crashes on certain cellphones
  • Added downloaded captions
  • Dark and light modes
  • Fixed backup for all types of android
  • And many other interesting features
No GB WhatsApp
Version Latest Version
Size 68 MB
Os Android 5.0+
Link Download Here


2. YoWhatsapp APK

The Wa mod application, which I used for a long time, before finally moving to WhatsApp Plus because there were several problems, one of which was not being able to backup chats via Google Drive.

However, this has been resolved in the latest updated version, YoWhatsapp itself was developed by Fouadmods, just like GBwhatsapp.

Here are some of its superior features:

  • Hide is typing
  • Hide online status
  • Hide the blue tick when opening a message
  • Download status
  • Upload long duration video stories
  • Change themes and fonts
  • Wide variety of emojis
  • And a myriad of other cool features
No YoWhatsapp
Version Latest Version
Size 68 MB
Os Android 5.0+
Link Download Here


3. Whatsapp Plus

Just like the wa mod above, Whatsapp Plus was also developed by fouadmods. For features in general I think the same.

Starting from the theme store to the choice of themes available, it is exactly the same as GBwhatsapp and Yowhatsapp.

The only difference is the menu layout and basic appearance. like a xiaomi cellphone, you must use miui.

Some of the superior features of Whatsapp Plus:

  • Anti Banned
  • Upload long video status
  • Ui themes vary
  • Send the best quality pictures and videos
  • Hide tick on read chat
  • hide online status
  • 25+ other cool features
No Whatsapp Plus
Version Latest Version
Size 68 MB
Os Android 5.0+
Link Download Here


4. RA WhatsApp

RA WhatApp is a solution for those who want to have a WhatsApp mod with a cool appearance and a simple iOS-style settings menu.

Because some people do experience problems with the complicated WA Mod settings.

Some of the features RA WhatsApp offers :

  • Anti Banned
  • Snow Effect
  • airplane mode
  • There is a clone version
  • Download profile photo, status, caption.
  • Send large files, HD images, HD videos
  • Hide read chat, view status, online status, currently typing.
  • Change the theme, font, transparent background
  • 10+ other interesting features
No RA Whatsapp
Version Latest Version
Size 68 MB
Os Android 5.0+
Link Download Here


5. Fouad WhatsApp

With a clean and more elegant appearance, Fouad WhatsApp is one of the WhatsApp mods that many users like.

Although in general the home appearance and chat appearance are more or less the same as Fouad’s other mods.

The latest Fouad WhatsApp offers the following features:

  • Various ui views
  • dark and light modes
  • airplane mode
  • Send long videos
  • 30+ other mod features
No Fouad Whatsapp
Version Latest Version
Size 68 MB
Os Android 5.0+
Link Download Here

6. FM WhatsApp

Another WA mod application developed by Mas Fouad is FM WhatsApp. For lovers of modified applications, of course they are no strangers to hearing this WA application.

Yes, this application also has many mod features to offer. Just like Fouad’s other works.

For those who are curious about the latest WhatsApp V FM feature, there’s nothing wrong with trying it yourself.

No FM Whatsapp
Version Latest Version
Size 68 MB
Os Android 5.0+
Link Download Here

7. AERO WhatsApp

With an elegant UI, there is Aero WhatsApp, but this time it’s not the work of Fouad Mods but was developed by Hazar Bozkurt.

With the skills possessed, Hazar Bozkurt is able to make cool WA mod applications and is able to compete with WhatsApp Plus or YoWhatsapp.

Fitur Aero WhatsApp Latest Version

  • Fresh, elegant and modern UI
  • Anti banned
  • Whatsapp Pin Lock
  • Many themes
  • airplane mode
  • Anti-delete messages
  • Hide online status, view stories, and online status
  • 20+ other mod features
No Aero Whatsapp
Version Latest Version
Size 68 MB
Os Android 5.0+
Link Download Here

Apart from that, Hazar Bozkurt also made a mod version of Instagram called Instagram Aero as well.

8. OG WhatsApp

OG WhatsApp is a wa mod application that is rich in the latest features and not available in other types of WhatsApp mods.

Until now, there are millions of people who use this WA mod application. Curious what are the new features?

Here are the Latest OG WhatsApp features:

  • Adding effects during video calls
  • Call without having to save contacts
  • Send 90 images at once
  • Anti Banned
  • Make the Group name longer than 35 characters
  • 30+ other mod features
No AND Whatsapp
Version Latest Version
Size 48 MB
Os Android 5.0+
Link Download Here


That’s a list of WhatsApp MODs that are safe and always updated from time to time. Please try it but don’t forget to always use your second number first to avoid being banned from WhatsApp immediately.

How to install Whatsapp MOD APK

Here are the ways you can do it to install the whatsapp mod apk file.

  • First open the file manager and open the download folder
  • Click the APK file and Allow third party installation
  • If you have clicked install.
  • Wait for it to finish.
  • Enter a Phone Number starting with 62
  • Enter the verification code and the WhatsApp mod is ready to use
  • Done

Tips for Avoiding Banned

Banned WhatsApp or blocking from WhatsApp where your number can no longer be used to enter and register for WhatsApp.

This ban can be hourly, per day or permanently.

So, for that I will give tips to avoid being banned. What are they?

  • Always use the second number to try/test WhatsApp mod
  • Always look for and update whatsapp mod to the latest version

So far I personally still use WA MOD (YoWhatsApp) for the main number, and it’s still safe as long as I use the latest version of WhatsApp MOD.

As information, I use a smartphone from Xioami, namely the Redmi Note 5. Of the 8 types of WA MOD above, I have tested them 1 by one using my second number.

So, more or less you know the risks when using this WhatsApp MOD.


It is true that WhatsApp mod offers a variety of features that are not available in the ORI version of WhatsApp.

But there is also a risk that is banned.

May be useful.

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