The Legend of Vox Machina – Season 2 Episode 3 “The Sunken Tomb” Recap & Review

The Sunken Tomb

In The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 3, Pike desires of Emon making choices to Thordak. His dragons have delivered each ounce of town’s treasure to him, in order that the individuals of Emon are now not essential to him. When Pike wakes up, she is aware of the dragons are making their transfer throughout Tal’Dorei.

Vax discovered the lake they’re on the lookout for, however there’s no tomb. Scanlan skates throughout the lake to provide it a glance, however one thing below the ice grabs him and pulls him in.

Zahra and Kash arrive at simply the proper second to avoid wasting him. And they’ve secrets and techniques to share. The tomb, they are saying, was constructed for the Matron of Ravens, a.okay.a. the goddess of demise. Inside it’s the physique of her historical champion, Purvan Suul.

Vex and Vax have a personal dialogue. They each know they’ll’t belief Zahra and Kash. When Vax expresses his concern for Vex, she remembers the time they received into their father’s treasure and unintentionally broke an heirloom. Their father yelled at Vex that it’s no shock they wouldn’t perceive elven tradition; they weren’t born into it. That was the second Vax had sufficient; the twins mentioned goodbye to their father and walked away.

The subsequent day, Vox Machina finds the tomb underwater. Keyleth and Zahra use their magic to maneuver the water, making a path to the tomb.  Zahra and Kash let Vox Machina take the lead, however they plan to swipe the vestige from them after they uncover it.

Grog unintentionally triggers a lure, which leaves Vax and a pair of others behind. A reminiscence is triggered for Vex when she’s separated from her brother. When they left their father, they struggled to make it within the woods. They had a battle about Vax being overprotective, so Vex advised him she didn’t want him and began strolling in the wrong way.

On Vex’s facet of the tomb, creatures stand up out of the water to assault them. As Grog assaults them, his sword cries out for extra blood.

The different half of the get together lastly catches up and pitches in, but it surely’s Vex who will get the killing blow on the final creature. Pike notices one thing off about Grog, however she doesn’t have time to speak to him about his newfound bloodlust.

Kash and Zahra go forward of Vox Machina to examine the sarcophagi and discover out which one is Purvan’s. When the group catches up, they’re gone.

Percy discovers the true sarcophagus. As he reaches for the Deathwalker’s Ward, one other reminiscence is triggered for Vex. After leaving Vax, she discovered him later, crying within the forest alone.

Just as Percy reaches for the Ward, Vex cries out that they should watch for Vax. But it’s too late. Percy pulls away in time after he triggers a magical impact, however Vex is hit with it and falls backwards.

Vax returns to seek out Pike making an attempt to heal his sister. He remembers reuniting together with her within the forest. “You left me,” he cried. He then advised her she didn’t perceive. She doesn’t want him, however he wants her. So she promised him to by no means once more go removed from him.

Now, he cries over her useless physique.

(*3*)(*2*)The Episode Review

However heart-wrenchingly stunning this episode is, it may use extra context on the twins’ relationship to their father and on Vax’s dependence on Vex. The flashbacks added lots of significance to the current plot, however may have created a extra cohesive story in their very own proper. Still, an emotional arc is actually achieved, and it’s stunning seeing these characters and their sibling relationship get a second to shine–even when that second is tragically minimize quick.

As lengthy as they’re within the tomb, Zahra and Kash stay a menace to the get together, as they’re each after the identical factor. Will Vox Machina succeed towards them? And can Vex be revived?



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