The Forbidden Marriage – Ok-Drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

The Queen Selection

Episode 11 of The Forbidden Marriage begins with the King dashing to So-rang and kissing her. In a flashback, we see that whereas she thought he had forgotten her, he solely had eyes for her all through the bride choice course of. She tears up and apologizes. He reveals that he knew she was honest regardless of her lies and all he needed was for her to be alive.

(*11*), Shin-won schemes with Hwa-yoon and her father to catch the abductors. She goes so far as to supply herself as bait and is certain that Shin-won will save her. He is flustered however agrees. That evening, her father makes a present of leaving with all of the servants which the queen killer Sang-ju notices.

He and his males head inside and kidnap Hwa-yoon nevertheless it seems to be Shin-won disguised as her. He and his guards simply defeat the abductors. He arrests them and asks Sul-rok to deliver him the portray of the person who supposedly killed the queen and sees that it’s Sang-ju. 

The subsequent day, Lady Seo and Hyun-hee flex as if she has already been made queen. They marvel about Hwa-yoon’s abduction and Seo tells her she has a backup plan. While heading to courtroom, Hyun-hee clashes with So-rang and Hwa-yoon as they name her out for dishonest.

The Grand Queen Mother hosts tea for the women and So-rang notices that Hyeon-hee’s cup is completely different from the remainder. She warns Hwa-yoon who doesn’t drink. Another woman who drinks the tea is poisoned. Hwa-yoon pretends that her cup is changed with Hyun-hee’s who begins panicking. Hwa-yoon tells the Grand Queen Mother that it appears Hyun-hee knew in regards to the poison and the matriarch is suspicious.

Shin-won tells the King about Sang-ju being the queen killer and he’s offended. He tells Minister Cho to interrogate Sang-ju and the latter wonders why.

At the choice, the Grand Queen Mother selects the interim high three ladies and Hyun-hee is in first place. But she additionally asks the ladies to grade one another which adjustments the rating and Hwa-yoon results in first place. She additionally confirms that the tea was poisoned and asks the maids to place out their arms. So-rang who had beforehand checked the tea for Hwa-yoon’s sake develops rashes. The Grand Queen Mother doesn’t imagine her reasoning and arrests her. 

The King hears of So-rang’s arrest and runs to her. The guards warn him of going towards his grandmother’s needs and he’s upset. He asks what occurred and he or she recounts her assembly with the Grand Queen Mother. She had warned her of Hyun-hee and had informed her that she is aware of that the Grand Queen Mother is aware of who the culprits are. The King needs to free So-rang however she tells him to belief her as she is aware of the Dowager will make the proper determination.

Minister Cho unwillingly interrogates Sang-ju who stays silent. The King tells Sang-ju that if he did certainly kill his spouse then Minister Cho must kill him and his household. Sang-ju reveals whereas he was the mastermind behind the kidnappings and even the Crown Princess’ killer, he was defending those that ordered him. Minister Cho tries to calm the King who’s livid however the latter seems to be at him and guarantees to seek out the actual offender.

The subsequent day, Shin-won meets with So-rang and guarantees her that he has been trying into the bribery. He assures her that he’ll free her and at that second Court Lady Won returns. So-rang hugs her and asks if she discovered her household. Won remembers discovering her husband who has now remarried her sister and are elevating her son. So-rang wonders if her love too will find yourself along with her sister. Won guarantees to assist her take down Hyun-hee.

Won testifies that she by no means bribed the courtroom women who name her a liar. She notices one younger courtroom girl, Seol-ah crying and asks her to inform her the reality. Seol-ah confesses that another person bribed them. Having carried out her work, Won meets Head Eunuch Se-jang. He is joyful to see her and so they smile.

So-rang is freed on the premise of Won’s testimony and he or she runs to the King who’s ready for her at their love nest. (*11*), Cho and Lady Seo are offended that Sang-ju betrayed them. He additionally reveals that he was the one who deliberate the wedding ban and now it’s time to make Hyun-hee queen in order that they will cowl up their tracks.

At Aedaldang, the villagers ask Gwang Yi who will make it within the last spherical of the choice. He guesses Hwa-yoon and Hyeon-seon and so they don’t imagine him. He promotes Aedaldang’s marriage compatibility enterprise for when the wedding ban lifts and so they get excited. Hae-young worries about So-rang and Gwang Yi tells her to let her dwell her destiny. 

(*11*), the protestors consisting of the fools, Painter Jeong and his readers marvel how they will make certain the choice is a hit and the wedding ban is lifted. They resolve to get all of the readers to protest on the palace through the last spherical. At the jail, Cho’s guard goes to kill Sang-ju and sees he’s lacking. He tells Cho whereas somebody suspicious kidnaps So-rang. Se-jang tells the King that they’ve a witness who noticed So-rang.

The subsequent day, the readers protest on the road to elevate the wedding ban. Hae-young and Gwang Yi are curious and be a part of them. Lady Seo laughs on the commotion whereas she heads to fulfill the Grand Queen Mother along with her husband. But she is stopped because the Dowager talks to the Minister alone. The Grand Queen Mother hints that she is aware of Lady Seo is assembly with the choice committee behind her again. She asks him about his second daughter and he’s flustered.

Hwa-yoon and Hyeon-hee make it to the ultimate spherical and the final take a look at is for them to reply why they need to be the mom of the nation. Hwa-yoon says she doesn’t have a cause and received’t thoughts if the girl named Hyeon-seon turns into the queen. Outside, the protest will get louder and the Grand Queen Mother is worked up to inform them the end result. The King approaches her and tells her he’ll be a part of her though he doesn’t know who the winner is.

He invitations the protestors into the palace and tells them in regards to the murders which is why he couldn’t elevate the ban. The Grand Queen Mother arrives and declares that Hyeon-seon is the winner. As Hyun-hee steps ahead, So-rang seems and goes to the Grand Queen Mother.

The Episode Review

Feels odd to see So-rang being all righteous like willingly being locked up so she may help the Grand Queen Mother discover the culprits. But we do get our audacious heroine again as she boldly declares her true id when the Grand Queen Mother declares Hyeon-seon because the queen.

We do hope to get some type of decision because the Grand Queen Mother has continually been suspicious of Hyun-hee and Lady Seo. And for her to lastly not step up and say something within the subsequent episode can be uncharacteristic of her.

With just one episode left, it appears the finale will probably be fairly action-packed as we’ve got tons of unfastened ends that want tying up corresponding to Sang-ju’s disappearance, Lady Seo and Cho’s revenge, Shin-won’s happiness together with So-rang and the King’s marriage.

With Hwa-yoon just about stealing the highlight in episode 11 of The Forbidden Marriage, we do hope we get a season 2 that follows her arc from the webtoon or at the very least a finale that does her character justice.



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