The Fire Hunter – Season 1 Episode 2 “The Three Brides” Recap & Review

The Three Brides

Episode 2 of Fire Hunter begins with Touko waking up and assembly a number of ladies named Hotaru, Benio, and Kaho. Hotaru explains that she and Benio are heading to different villages to get married. Touko shares her title, age, and scenario with the women. Sakuroku enters the room and asks Touko and Kanata to comply with him.

Meanwhile, the narrator explains how assortment vehicles served as folks’s lifelines. They ferry items and information to the folks between villages and hyperlink remoted people inside protecting wards. Sakuroku asks his employee Shouzou to place Touko to work within the engine room. Shouzou discusses with Touko about her scenario. He says if he was in her footwear, he’d promote the hearth hunter’s sickle to a passing hunter and hold Kanata as a guard canine.

He orders Touko to clean the bathroom, and she or he proceeds. After cleansing the bogs, Shouzou tells Touko she will cease working. Touko and Kanata return to their room as Hotaru tells her that her meals’s arrived. Kaho offers Touko her meals despite the fact that Hotaru says she shouldn’t starve herself. Benio argues that she, Hotaru, and Kaho are destined to turn into brides to take away curses. Hotaru, Kaho, and Benio come from villages the place their sources have turn into rotten and worn out.

The outdated people argue having them marry males from totally different villages will uplift the curses. Benio argues that working on your meal makes the meals style higher. She orders Kanata to have some meals and never present any aggression towards others. Kanata complies, impressing everybody within the room. Kanata stops consuming–to Touko’s astonishment. Hotaru explains Kanata in all probability heard a canine whistle as a result of there’s a fireplace hunter aboard the opposite truck.

At evening, Kaho offers Touko a stone that she dropped. She begs Touko to get some higher sleep as a result of she retains making groaning noises at evening. Touko examines the rock, and it says the phrase ” rin” on it, reminding her of the parents she left on the village. Meanwhile, Koushi visits the Okibi Family mansion due to the letter he acquired within the earlier episode. He informs the household of the letter he acquired from them and says they as soon as hosted his fireplace hunter father–Haijuu.

He enters the mansion, and the butler tells him to attend for his grasp Yuoshichi to reach. Yuoshichi meets Koushi and shares his condolences about Koushi’s moms passing. Koushi asks him if he may give him a job alternative so he can deal with his youthful sister. Yuoshichi tells Koushi he’d prefer to put them to work and permit them to reside right here as a part of his household. Although Koushi refuses his supply, Yuoshichi persuades Koushi by providing him luxurious therapy and hospitality.

He additionally guarantees to let Koushi make the most of his father’s “skyfire” that he left behind. He saved it in his house, however rulers of divine clans, like Yuoshichi, search the fabric. Yuoshichi says Koushi’s father left the capital as a result of he sensed that instances had been altering. He explains that skyfire comes from fallbeasts (fiends primarily based within the air). It’s stronger than fiend fireplace as a result of it explodes and offers glorious gas. Only particular fireplace hunters can harvest fallbeasts.

Although utilizing skyfire is out of Yuoshichi’s manufacturing facility’s management, he believes Koushi can reinvent this “bottled lightening” for a brand new objective. Yuoshichi argues that the nation will fall quickly and needs Koushi the very best. Koushi’s hesitant as a result of he feels it’d be higher to have a extra skilled fireplace hunter sort out this experiment. He tells Yuoshichi that if he may assist his sister, he’d be completely satisfied to offer him his father’s skyfire. Yuoshichi argues Koushi’s fitted to the function after admitting he dug up info on him.

At the identical time, we look at Touko and her buddies resting of their room as the gathering truck stops. The fireplace hunter from the opposite practice arrives and will get confronted by Kanata. The fireplace hunter asks Touko and Kanata to affix him and his canine pal, Izumo–for a looking session. As Benio and Touko watch the hearth hunter converse with Sakuroku, Hotaru informs them that Kaho’s departed. Touko senses Kanata trailing Kaho down and heads after them. Touko spots Kaho in a monkey flame fiend’s arms.

Thankfully, Kanata, Izumo, and the hearth hunter defeat the monkey flame fiend. The fireplace hunter grabs Touko and throws her to the bottom, angering Kanata. The fireplace hunter tells Kanata to not snarl at him as a result of Touko’s not her grasp. Sakuroku approaches Touko and tells her he can’t take her to the capital due to her dangerous actions. He informs Touko that she’ll get off on the subsequent village with one of many brides. The episode concludes with Touko wanting fearful about it.

The Episode Review

This was an amazing follow-up to final week’s episode. It offers us extra world-building and slight improvement for Kanata’s perspective towards strangers. The animation on this tanks drastically, although.

While the nonetheless photographs are pleasant to have a look at, they’ll break some folks’s immersion within the piece. The battle with the ape-like flame fiend was underwhelming.

Character animation regarded jagged and jarring throughout this sequence, taking away any depth it hoped to generate from the battle. Its visuals and animation apart, the episode threw in some curve balls.

It was nice having a ruler that wasn’t a complete dingus towards one among our protagonists. Although Koushi denies wanting something from Yuoshichi, it was a pleasant change of tempo to have a malevolent ruler.

The cliffhanger opens the door to many prospects. We know Koushi and Touko will meet up, nevertheless it’ll be thrilling to see how and when. Knowing Touko has no handy method of reaching the capital. It makes her scenario really feel upsetting and intruiging. However, it’s secure to anticipate that Touko will meet one other one who can take her to her vacation spot.

However, the journey could also be much more difficult than people anticipated. Overall, this was a pleasant episode of The Fire Hunter. It options a number of exposition dumping and jagged visuals, which can not enchantment to most audiences. However, it offers viewers with nice world-building, drama, and mysteries value speculating about. Hopefully, Touko can find one other technique of transportation that’ll assist her attain the capital.


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