The Divine Fury (2019) Ending Explained – What is the mysterious wound in Yong-hoo’s palm?

The Divine Fury Plot Synopsis

The Divine Fury is a supernatural horror meets motion film, which offers with the common theme of fine vs evil. The dominant theme is Christian Catholicism with main stress on exorcism, stigmata and demons. The movie begins with a bit boy, Park Yong-hoo with a great Catholic upbringing who’s not too long ago misplaced his mom and lives along with his father. The father, Police Sergeant Park Ji-ung is a great man who strives to instil Christian values in his son.

The first trace of the supernatural occurs when Yong-hoo’s father is killed in a weird accident. Years later, we see that Yong-hoo is a ruthless MMA fighter who will get an unexplained wound that solely the exorcist, Father Ahn may help with. Meanwhile, Ahn is dispatched by the Vatican to deal with the Dark Bishop who coincidentally can solely be taken down by Yong-hoo.

Is Park Yong-hoo a godless man?

For little Yong-hoo, who’s barely coming to grips with the grief of shedding his mom, the demise of his father is the tipping level and traumatizes him to such an extent that he not loses religion in God however develops an intense hatred in the direction of any symbolism related with God.

Forward twenty years later and Park Yong-hoo (portrayed by Park Seo-Joon) is now an completed MMA fighter. His hatred for something remotely related with Christian values is so intense that when he spots a tattoo of Christ on the again of his opponent, he is stuffed with rage. He begins to listen to voices in his head screaming for revenge for his dad, his eyes begin to glow with demonic propensity and he practically beats his opponent to demise.

When Father Ahn (performed by veteran actor Ahn Sung-ki) leaves his cross pendant at Yong-hoo’s residence, the latter promptly chucks it into his bathroom. Immediately later, he does retrieve it, cleans it and drops it outdoors Father Ahn’s door.

So Yong-hoo being a godless man is not that he doesn’t imagine in God, however that he’s offended with God, for the lack of his father who was religious.

What adjustments Yong-hoo?

After his MMA combat the place he practically killed his opponent, Yong-hoo is flying again to South Korea when he abruptly develops a mysterious bleeding in his proper palm. The puncture marks in his palm don’t heal, although all the medical assessments present that Yong-hoo is at the peak of his well being. Moreover, he is tormented by nightmares of unusual demonic creatures making an attempt to harm him.

Finally, on the recommendation of his chauffeur, regardless of his mistrust and lack of religion, he visits a 15-yr-previous woman-shaman, Hong-jin (performed by Jo Eun-hyung). She tells him that his anger towards God has allowed evil to creep into him and that ‘they’ whisper in his ears, inciting him to violence and evil.

What is the mysterious palm wound?

Yong-hoo is then directed by the woman-shaman to a church at midnight. Inside the church, Father Ahn is in the center of an exorcism assisted by a junior priest, Father Choi (cameo position by identified bestie, Choi Woo-shik).

Ahn practically loses his life earlier than Yong-hoo seems and in the strategy of making an attempt to save lots of the priest, stops the demon by planting his bloodied palm on the possessed man’s face on intuition. Father Ahn chucks holy water on the assailant, which finishes the exorcism.

Later, when Yong-hoo asks Father Ahn about his bloodied palm, the latter tells him that he is blessed to have developed Stigmata – a spontaneous look of the wound marks of the crucified Lord on an individual’s physique like nail wounds on the palm, and it performs a vital position in the exorcism. Yong-hoo is stunned when the priest additionally mentions that Stigmata usually occurs to an individual with sturdy religion.

Who is the Dark Bishop?

Father Ahn is a Vatican emissary despatched to South Korea to observe rising demonic exercise. Shortly after his first assembly with Yong-hoo, he is knowledgeable on the cellphone by his senior that the Dark Bishop is in Seoul and is behind these demonic actions.

It seems that the Dark Bishop is the rich nightclub proprietor, Ji-shin (performed by Woo Do-hwan). He runs a complicated nightclub, aptly known as Babylon with a emblem that reveals its satanic proclivity. Lurking in the bowels of the flashy nightclub is a cavernous temple devoted to a cult known as the ‘Sacred Serpent’ the place the Dark Bishop recruits victims into Satan’s unholy legion.

The Dark Bishop’s satanic powers are immense – he can learn and management the minds of the weak and sinners. His powers are first revealed in his introductory scene the place he is threatened by a gangster. Unbeknownst to the gangster, Ji-shin’s face glows briefly along with his demonic possession.

He easily sows distrust in the gangster’s thoughts towards his associate-in-crime, Dae-hwan. The gangster tortures and kills Dae-hwan regardless of his pleas of innocence. Shortly thereafter, the gangster himself is pursued by the ghost of his lifeless associate in an empty parking zone and dies a grotesque demise.

How does Dark Bishop realise that Father Ahn is his adversary?

The Central Archdiocese requests Father Ahn to carry out an exorcism on one in all their church-goers, a younger woman known as Soo-jin (Park Ji-hun) who’s not too long ago been possessed by a darkish entity. With nice issue, he and Yong-hoo handle to drive out the demon.

Father Ahn then goes by means of the younger woman’s private results and discovers images of her and Ji-shin. He realizes that he is the Dark Bishop he’s been in search of, who had charmed and seduced Soo-jin. When the Dark Bishop realizes that he’s shedding management over Soo-jin, he performs satanic rites to re-possess her, however Father Ahn manages to lastly wrest her again and save her. The Dark Bishop loses the battle however realizes that there’s a churchman who’s making an attempt to undo his evil plans.

How does the Dark Bishop handle to get to Father Ahn?

The Dark Bishop seeks out a bit boy, Ho-seok at St. Mary’s Orphanage in Paju who’s being bullied by different youngsters and takes management of his harmless soul. He then begins separating Father Ahn and Yong-hoo. He approaches Yong-hoo, impersonating Father Choi whom Yong-hoo had solely briefly glimpsed throughout his first assembly with Ahn.

He creates distrust in Yong-hoo’s thoughts by saying, that Ahn is in reality a demon and that he is utilizing him. Yong-hoo finally ends up abandoning Ahn who is making an attempt to exorcise Ho-seok. However, the little boy is killed in the course of. After the Dark Bishop’s spell breaks, Yong-hoo rushes to Ahn they usually go to see Ho-seok’s lifeless physique. The Dark Bishop makes use of his powers of phantasm to separate the two and wounds Father Ahn.

How does Yong-hoo discover the Dark Bishop?

Yong-hoo rushes the dying Father Ahn to his residence the place the actual Father Choi tends to his mentor with prayers. Before Yong-hoo leaves, Choi presents the former with a clergy shirt blessed by the Pope. In a stunning flip of occasions, Yong-hoo attire up as a priest to go battle the Dark Bishop. He extracts the data of Ji-shin’s sanctuary from his former lover, Soo-jin and rushes to Babylon.

Meanwhile, the Dark Bishop has reworked his males right into a legion of demons who assault Yong-hoo as he enters the nightclub. He makes use of his MMA abilities in addition to his Stigmata to destroy the forces of evil barring his manner.

Why does Yong-hoo wrestle whereas preventing the Dark Bishop?

Meanwhile, the Dark Bishop finishes his satanic rites and is reworked right into a scaly demon-like creature with fangs and claws. The battle begins with the demonic creature that was Ji-shin nearly defeating the mortal Yong-hoo who is practically rendered unconscious.

Suddenly Yong-hoo is transported into one other realm, the place he meets the spirit of his father. His father presents him a holy ball of flame akin to a flaming sword and sends him again. Yong-hoo awakens again into the battle zone however this time his hand is a flaming ball of fireside.

In a classically choreographed duel, Yong-hoo wins the battle and the Dark Bishop is destroyed. While Yong-hoo is standing over a dying Ji-shin, the Sacred Serpent comprising of headless limbs and torsos arises from the depth of the darkish pool and drags Ji-shin again into the nether world.

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