Jung_E (2023) Story Recap


Directed by Yeon Sang-ho of Train to Busan fame, The Korean Netflix movie Jung_E is about within the twenty second century the place the Earth has turn into nearly inhabitable and most people have migrated to shelters on the orbits of the Earth and the Moon.

Amidst the already chaotic state of affairs, Shelters 8, 12 and 13 title themselves the Adrian Republic and declare conflict on the remainder of humanity. The remaining people unite because the Allied Force, and the 2 factions have been at conflict since then. 

The Jung_E venture

Jung_E begins with Captain Yun Jung-yi being surrounded by enemy robots as she heroically fights her method via. However, a bullet to her finger reveals that she is made up of wires and earlier than she will panic, she is deactivated, indicating that she just isn’t human however an AI of the true Captain Yun who has been in a coma after a failed mission.

It seems, the tech firm Kronoid has workforce chief Dr. Yun Seo-hyun engaged on the Jung_E venture to create the proper fight AI robotic which is predicated on her mom, Captain Yun. But the higher-ups will not be proud of the progress as Yun’s AI retains failing on the identical level in simulation which if it handed could be the proper copy of the conflict hero.

Back in time, Yun had been seen as the one one who may finish the civil conflict between the Adrian and Allied had she accomplished her final mission which she failed. Kronoid had hoped to create her duplicate to finish the conflict.

Dr. Yun and Director Kim Sang-hoon do their finest to greenlight the Jung_E venture however to no avail. Kim comes off because the hilarious sidekick who believes within the venture and helps Dr. Yun all through the way in which. Staff member Jae-kyung is impressed with the workforce chief’s dealing with of the scenario and divulges that he joined the venture as a result of he was an enormous fan of Captain Yun.

Seo-hyun explains that the one motive her mom grew to become a mercenary was in order that she may pay for her daughter’s remedies as she had most cancers. The day she received her surgical procedure which was profitable was the day Captain Yun had her final mission which put her in a coma. 

Dr. Yun Seo-hyun’s private battle

Dr. Yun heads for her ethics take a look at and on the way in which notices a mom assuring her baby that she will probably be again quickly. Seo-hyun remembers the final time she noticed her mom. They had hugged by rubbing cheeks and Captain Yun had promised that she could be again quickly. 

After her ethics take a look at, the physician exhibits her her scan and tells her that her most cancers is again. She solely has 3 months left and her most suitable choice is to maneuver her mind to a prosthetic physique often called Type A which is dear. Type B would give her a physique too however her mind’s information could be utilized by the federal government and she or he would forfeit some fundamental human rights. Type C could be freed from value however she wouldn’t be handled as human as corporations could be allowed to make use of her mind to create clones of her.

She is hesitant and goes to fulfill her mom who solely has her mind and torso. She remembers listening to the information that her mom survived her final mission however she was in vital situation. Her grandmother had allowed her mind to turn into Type C and in return, they might fund Seo-hyun’s schooling and coverings.

Director Kim Sang-hoon’s suspicious temper swings

At Kronoid, AI mannequin 18 is activated. Director Kim suggests attempting one thing completely different and taking pictures it within the leg earlier than the simulation. It is overpowered however earlier than they will finish the simulation, a brand new a part of the AI’s mind is activated in yellow and it fights again. The workforce is proud of the progress and head to HQ to inform the chairman.

They are stopped by the brand new product improvement head, Lee Se-yeon. She tells them they will’t see the chairman and Kim is livid and suspicious as to why a navy firm would want a merchandise division. She laughs at his outburst and appears fascinated. They head to the lab and Kim’s temper adjustments when he sees the brand new and higher Jung_E physique elements. A workers member declares the chairman’s look and Kim is happy to see him. As they enter the workplace, Kim is deactivated.

It is revealed that he’s the primary prototype of the chairman himself. The chairman declares that the civil conflict has ended, that they don’t want fight AIs and Kronoid will probably be specializing in family AIs with the information they’ve developed within the Jung_E venture. He additionally reveals he’ll destroy Kim and cheers up Dr. Yun who’s dissatisfied.

At the following take a look at run, Kim is upset that the AIs preserve dying on the identical second of the simulation. He reactivates the AI and cuts off its arm and even shoots its leg however the yellow a part of its mind doesn’t reappear. Dr. Yun takes again management and stops Kim. He is livid and factors his gun at her however then leaves. 

The final simulation

Dr. Yun takes a take a look at all the information and notices that one of many AIs has been taken by Jae-kyung. She goes to his room to ask him and spots one of many AI fashions. It is scantily clad and she or he is horrified. She covers her mom’s physique whereas Jae-kyung tries to elucidate that he received orders from HQ to make sexual options for Captain Yun’s AI. Dr. Yun is livid and tries to choke him.

He tells her that her mom’s mind was Type C and may very well be used for any kind of product and she or he is disheartened. She heads to her workplace and sees Kim who can also be upset as he will get the discover to close down venture Jung_E. He informs her that they’re allowed one final take a look at run.

Dr. Yun heads to the AI part and prompts the final mannequin. She tells it that it survived however is fatally wounded. The AI tearfully accepts it however the yellow a part of its mind seems because it asks Dr. Yun about Seo-hyun’s surgical procedure. It exhibits the identical emotions as the true Yun because it recollects going to conflict to pay for her therapy and is relieved that Seo-hyun’s most cancers is in remission.

It additionally will get Captain Yun’s actual reminiscence that Seo-hyun had given her a doll that will shield her within the mission. It claims that it had misplaced the doll and Dr. Yun realises that all the AIs died within the simulation after recognizing the doll. She deactivates the AI and wails because it feels and talks similar to her mom hinting that her mind cloning has nearly been perfected.

The subsequent day, earlier than the simulation, Dr. Yun personally hooks up the AI to the simulation. She realises that the yellow a part of the mind is the reminiscence that Captain Yun had a daughter and she or he deletes it. She then whispers to the AI and tells it that it isn’t human and the way it is going to be shut down after the simulation.

The simulation begins and everyone seems to be in a dismal temper. The simulation ends after the AI is shot on the identical second because the earlier fashions. Jae-kyung finds it bizarre that the AI’s response is weaker than the earlier fashions and Kim brushes it apart. The guards unhook the AI and lead it to its chamber. At that second, Kim finds the entire thing odd and goes to recheck the simulation. He notices that the AI was by no means shot lifeless and it simply fell and pretended to get deactivated. He alerts the lab that an AI is on the free.

The AI’s escape

The guards are confused by the alarm and the AI makes use of it to disarm them and run away. Kim prompts all of their untested fight fashions with out a mind to search out the AI. In the meantime, Dr. Yun deletes all the information of Captain Yun so her mind can by no means be cloned once more. The AI comes throughout the opposite fight fashions and overpowers them.

Dr. Yun finds it and helps it escape in one of many our bodies of the newer fight fashions. They conceal in a sky practice however are ambushed by Kim who had suspected Dr. Yun of betraying the chairman after analysing her ethics take a look at. She tells him that she deleted the reminiscence of Yun’s daughter from the AI and he shoots her. The AI fights again and shoots him within the eye which provides option to wires.

He sees that he too is an AI and realises that he’s not certain by the physics of people. He rushes in the direction of the AI and at that second the robotic guards additionally seem and nearly defeat it. Dr. Yun tries to assist regardless of her wounded shoulder and seeing this the AI fights again. It throws Kim off the practice and kills the opposite robots.

It tries to handle Dr. Yun’s wound however they hear police sirens and she or he begs it to run away. The AI is conflicted as Dr. Yun pushes it away and tells it that it’s free. It hugs Dr. Yun and rubs her cheek who’s shocked to see that the AI has lastly been perfected because it recalled its reminiscences of Seo-hyun and their particular cheek hug regardless of her deleting it. It runs off into the wilderness and Dr. Yun calls it mom and desires it luck.

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