Jung_E (2023) Ending Explained – What happens to the Jung_E mission?

Jung_E Plot Synopsis

Jung_E is a 2023 Netflix Korean movie directed by Yeon Sang-ho of Train to Busan fame. It follows Kronoid crew chief Yun Seo-hyun as she tries to create the good AI fight robotic primarily based on her personal mom, Captain Yun Jung-yi, who was a hero in her personal proper. However, failure of her final mission led to her going right into a coma and the extension of an already ongoing civil conflict.

Kronoid hopes to finish the civil conflict by having the AI of Captain Yun on the battlefield. But earlier than that, they have to battle with bureaucrats, bored authorities officers who would terminate the mission Jung_E, and Captain Yun’s mind itself which refuses to cooperate and get cloned into an ideal AI.

Who was Captain Yun?

Captain Yun Jung-yi (Kim Hyun-joo) was a mercenary turned conflict hero who even had dolls made after her as the common public considered her as an idol. However, she turned to conflict as a approach to pay for her daughter, Yun Seo-hyun’s remedy who was affected by most cancers. On the day of the surgical procedure, she was tasked with the mission of ending the civil conflict as soon as and for all. However, she ended up failing and going right into a coma.

What is the Allied vs Adrian civil conflict?

After the sea ranges rose on Earth, most people moved to shelters created on the orbits of the Earth and the Moon. Shelters 8, 12 and 13 defected and turn into the Adrian Republic. For an unknown motive, they began attacking the remaining survivors on Earth and the different shelters. This led to the remaining people allying and turning into the Allied Forces. Decades later, when the Jung_E mission is nearly perfected, the Kronoid chairman reveals that the two events had signed a peace treaty to finish the conflict.

What happens to mission Jung_E?

The film begins with crew chief Yun Seo-hyun (Kang Soo-yeon) making an attempt to make the good AI of her mom and failing. It is then revealed that she was appointed by the chairman of Kronoid to create the good fight robotic primarily based on Captain Yun as many believed that she would have been in a position to finish the civil conflict. They hope to replicate her in order that her AI can take up the job and finish it as soon as and for all.

However, as soon as the conflict ends, the Jung_E mission is shut down. She realises that her mom’s mind shall be used to create family androids and intercourse toys which infuriates her. Once she finds out that her most cancers is again and he or she is certain to die, she decides to assist the final AI mannequin escape.

Who is Director Kim Sang-hoon?

Kim Sang-hoon (Ryu Kyung-soo) is launched as the director of the Jung_E mission. While he’s the comedian reduction, it additionally appears that he’s closely invested in making the mission a hit. However, moments of irrational behaviour have the viewers suspecting him. It is later revealed that he himself just isn’t human however truly the chairman’s first prototype of his personal self and to be disposed of after Jung_E is shut down.

Despite being the first, he barely has any flaws as he acts human together with his humour, rage and worry. But we do get a touch of it when newcomer Lee Se-yeon who has the chairman’s confidence and is aware of that he’s an AI is amused when he exhibits feelings in entrance of her. 

And whereas he acts dense, he’s too intelligent for his personal good as he realises that the final AI mannequin fooled all of them and escaped. He additionally checks Seo-hyun’s obligatory ethics take a look at and realises that she helps the AI and confronts her. When he’s shot by Yun’s AI, he loses a watch and sees that he’s an AI too and makes use of it to his benefit to combat her.

What permits the final AI of Yun to escape?

The change in simulation permits the final AI mannequin to bear in mind the actual Yun’s daughter. She remembers issues solely the actual Yun may like the doll Seo-hyun had given her. When Seo-hyun realises that her mom’s mind shall be used to make a intercourse toy or as a family android, in the final trial run, she deletes the reminiscence of Yun ever having a daughter. She then warns her that she is in a simulation and begs her to consider her. The AI fakes being shot and deactivated to finish the simulation.

When the docs lead her out to take her to her chamber, she beats them up and escapes. Seo-hyun places her mind in certainly one of the empty robots and hides her in a sky practice. They are ambushed by Kim and the robotic guards however regardless of being outnumbered, the AI destroys all of them. Unfortunately, Seo-hyun is shot in the confusion. She pleads the AI to run away however she remembers Seo-hyun as her daughter, giving her one final hug earlier than working away.


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