How to Choose best VPN Provider? Some VPN faq

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The best VPNs

When wondering which VPN to use, it’s always good to have the advice of someone who has experience testing and evaluating their features. Over the years, we have tested a large number of various offers on the market . And if you look at how many there are, the best VPN services are always hidden in the crowd and not so easy to find. Especially today, when working remotely has become an inescapable fact for many people, various VPNs of dubious quality are springing up like mushrooms after the rain.

Therefore, choosing which VPN to use can be a very tiring and almost impossible task. Over the years of testing and retesting, we have developed a unique methodology for checking the quality of various offers . As VPN is supplemented with various innovations, so we keep up and constantly improve our methodology.

The results of our tests give a very precise picture of the best VPN programs . Of course, at the very top there are only the best VPN services, which above all perform their basic functions at an extremely high level. There are small differences at the top with additional functions, and the answers to the questions of which VPN to use and which are the best VPN programs can be found in our list.

Each of them is of exceptional quality, and the differences are very small. These are the best VPN programs , and any of them is a good choice.

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark VPN
  • Atlas VPN
  • PrivateVPN

What makes a VPN the best VPN service? That’s a question we ask ourselves every time we test a VPN, and one you should ask yourself when choosing which VPN to use. Certain indicators must be taken into consideration which are the best VPN programs. First of all, they determine how successfully a VPN meets the requirements of the basic functions of such services. Depending on your personal and professional needs, it is possible that you will emphasize some single feature, and decide which VPN to use because it can only depend on it.

Global coverage

If you first of all need to bypass some kind of geo-restrictions , or for other reasons you need it to look like you are accessing from a different country compared to the one you are in, then the best VPN services are those that have servers in the desired area. Many VPN providers boast of having so many servers in so many countries, but when deciding which VPN to use, the most important thing is to know how many they have in your desired region.

Regardless of whether you simply want to watch the French library of Netflix series and movies, or read news that is available on a site only to residents of a certain country, or in any case, for business purposes, the company’s server can only be accessed from a certain country. The best VPN programs are the ones that meet your needs.

If someone has hundreds of servers in a country that doesn’t suit you, and not one where you need it, that VPN can have everything else that is the best in the world, but for you it is not the best VPN program.

Connection speed

For many users, the answer to the question of which VPN to use is the one that provides the fastest connection. The technical nature of the Internet is that data travels, and there are very long distances between you and your final destination. It’s true that all VPNs reduce the speed with which your device receives and sends data , if you come across one that advertises itself as speeding up your internet connection, stay away from them.

The connection speed that a VPN provides cannot be measured in megabytes per second, as such a measure depends on many factors. First of all, what is the maximum speed that your Internet provider provides you, and then what speed is allowed by the server of your final destination. The connection speed of a VPN is determined as a percentage of the connection slowdown compared to the one you would have without using a VPN .

The best VPN programs have the least this slowdown , and it happens because by using a proxy server you are still extending the path that the data has to travel. Also, when a VPN encrypts and decrypts data, it takes a certain amount of time. The best of the best do it very quickly, but they still effectively cause a certain slowdown that cannot be avoided, but only reduced.

Privacy protection and security

The privacy of each of us is constantly threatened on the Internet . All kinds of advertisers and marketing companies want to track our behavior and analyze it for the sake of advertising. They often do this in order to serve us newspaper articles that are tailored to our interests but still filled with all kinds of lies. Also, the governments of certain countries conduct surveillance on their own citizens and those of others. And since nowadays we increasingly use banking and online payment services, that data can be collected very easily, especially if we happen to be using public and unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

The best VPN services make it impossible for anyone to identify you as a user or visitor of a site . At the same time, they encrypt all data exchanged between your device and their proxy server. In this way, the best VPN services prevent even your internet server from having insight into which sites you visit and what you do on them.

Free VPNs are dangerous

If you’ve ever wondered why the best VPN services are never free, it’s because the business of these service providers costs a lot. If they are free, it only means that the costs are not covered by the user’s subscription, but in some other way . Some free VPNs go so far as to even sell their users’ behavioral data to marketing agencies. Some others use their users as an audience to serve ads to.

But the most important thing is that free services cannot be the best VPN services, because the companies that run them simply do not have the resources to make them safe to use. The best VPN programs are those that are safe , and the safety of a program depends on how much money a company has to pay testers and programmers and a lot of other staff who can keep them safe all the time.

If you want to see the benefits of using a VPN service without spending too much money, your best option is one that offers a trial period with money back, such as ExpressVPN , which offers a risk-free refund in the first 30 days .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network was created as a technology that allows you to access some remote computer resources from a computer as if they were in your local and private network . First of all, in situations where access to those resources is disabled for security reasons. It is called “Virtual” because instead of a physical connection with some kind of cable, it enables access using the Internet.

They outgrew their original function of providing access to corporate networks to workers from home, and from being a security tool for large corporations they became services for ordinary citizens , because from the point of view of the technology itself, it does not matter whether they are used to access a closed network or the Internet. And the best VPN programs today come with a bunch of additional features that make you safe on the Internet.

How do VPNs work?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is such a network service where you connect your device to a remote proxy server which then sends commands to another server to allow you access to some files on it . All the data that a device on the Internet has to exchange with servers in this situation, IP address, device type, operating system, browser type; it sends a proxy server instead of yours.

This way you become anonymous, and the best VPN services also encrypt this communication, so it is extremely safe. And when choosing which VPN to use, you should always choose the best one.

Are VPNs legal?

VPNs are legal almost all over the world, including in Bosnia . Which VPN to use is a much bigger problem for you than whether to do it at all. They are banned only in a small number of totalitarian countries, such as China, Belarus, Russia, Iran, and Iraq.

Is it worth paying for a VPN?

The best VPN services are worth much more than they cost , not only in what you get with them, but also in what you don’t get. And you get no risks, no uncertainty. In case you use a free one or risk yourself without anything, the cost to you can be many times higher than the price of the best VPN programs.

How to choose a VPN?

First of all, you need to know what qualities make some VPN the best, good, or bad . If you want to go the long way, you can go on your own quest. Or you can then list those qualities in order of importance for you, and then choose the one that suits you best from our list of the best.


The best VPN services are those that provide you with peace of mind and security on the Internet . Whether you need it to protect yourself from malicious actors or to bypass geo-restrictions that many streaming services have. If you’re wondering which VPN to use, we recommend any one from our list. Behind it are years of experience and testing, and the differences are in the nuances.

Why use a VPN?

Before you answer the question of which VPN to use, you might want to know why you should use a VPN. First of all, for your safety . On the Internet, many malicious actors want to either steal your data or limit your access to information.

Second, many companies have a desire to monitor and study our behavior on the Internet. Even if you have nothing to hide, what you should worry about is that such a company can sell that information to someone who is not very well-intentioned, or it can be stolen from them .

The best VPN programs can protect you from such dangers.

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