How to Choose Best Gaming PCs & Gaming Laptops in 2023

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In 2022-2023, there are several popular computer games such as Half-Life: Alyx, Elden Ring, God of War, Apex: Legends, Forza Horizon 5, Genshin Impact, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Microsoft Flight Simulator. These games have certain system requirements to be played.

In order to be able to play these games comfortably and comfortably, you need a laptop or desktop gaming PC, gaming gear or gaming rig with adequate specifications. This is so that users get a fun and exciting gaming experience.

Generally, modern computer games provide information about the system requirements to be played. This information is described in the form of system requirements specifications in two versions, namely the minimal version and the recommended version.

Specifications of the Best Gaming PCs & Gaming Laptops in 2022

Recommendations for cheap gaming laptops

If you have difficulty assembling a gaming computer independently, you can choose to buy a “gaming” laptop product. This method is certainly easier, especially for those of you who do not really understand the ins and outs of computer components. You can read more in the article entitled How to Check Laptop/PC Gaming Specifications

Actually, all laptop products can be used to play games. However, not many games can be run on a laptop. The specifications of the laptop hardware components must meet the system requirements demanded by the game.

Laptop products with gaming brands generally have been specifically designed to be able to run various PC games. Especially the latest PC games or AAA games. You could say, gaming laptop products have fairly high hardware specifications.

Minimum specs vs Recommended specs

Minimum version specifications are system requirements that must be met in order to run an application program. If the computer does not have proper specifications according to the requirements, the application (or game) certainly cannot run properly.

Gaming laptops or desktop gaming PCs with minimal specifications should still be able to run games, but with limited features and a display that may not be comfortable enough. As a result, the gaming experience feels less fun.

To be able to run games with all the features and a better appearance, you must run a desktop PC or laptop with the recommended specifications. If necessary, higher than recommended if you have more budget.

This is needed so that the gaming experience obtained becomes more enjoyable. You can find information about the system requirements for PC games on the official website of the game developer or publisher.

In this article, Tekno Thumb again provides recommendations for the best gaming PCs and gaming laptops for 2022. However, the specifications this time are not just about the core components. But full set specifications. Fullset in this case the computer has complete specifications, ranging from core components, supporters, and complements.

So, the resulting gaming PC is already a complete system ready for installation/use only. The following is a complete explanation of the recommended specifications for a fullset desktop gaming PC

Minimum laptop/desktop PC specifications for recommended gaming

  • High speed Quad core CPU
  • Integrated GPU, low/mid-end discrete GPU (graphics card) is recommended
  • RAM minimal 16 GB
  • SSD type storage
  • The latest generation 64-bit Windows or Linux operating system
Supporting component Complementary Components
  • Motherboard
  • PSU
  • Case
  • Monitor resolutions FHD/4K
  • Keyboard gaming
  • Mouse gaming
  • Network device
  • Audio device
  • UPS/Stavolt
  • Game device
    • Gamepad
    • Joystick
    • VR headset
    • Racing Wheel & Pedal
    • dll

Recommended specifications of assembled desktop gaming PC

The technical plan of the desktop computer specifications minimum update 2022 for recommended gaming

  • Intel Core i5 series CPU or latest generation AMD Ryzen 5 series/APU
  • GPU Nvidia Geforce 10/16 series or AMD Radeon RX 500 series or RX Vega IGP
  • RAM 16 GB DDR4
  • Hard disk or SSD storage with a minimum capacity of 250 GB
  • The latest generation 64-bit Windows/Linux operating system

The following is an explanation of the specifications of the gaming laptop or desktop gaming PC above. Hopefully it can be taken into consideration.

Processor/CPU Quad core

To get better gaming performance, the CPU used is at least Quad-core or Six-core. And most importantly, the CPU also has a high speed. Modern PC games require a high-speed processor so that gameplay feels more comfortable.

In addition, the CPU was released at least 1-3 years back. The newer the better of course because the technology is clearly more sophisticated. In terms of performance and support, the new CPU is certainly much better and easier to obtain.

How about a dual-core CPU? Or the one released earlier? Actually still can. However, you may not get a comfortable performance. Older generation processors may also be a bit difficult to find on the market.

Discrete GPU (Graphics card/VGA card) low mid-end class

As with the CPU, the GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) in the graphics card is recommended to have been released 1-3 years ago. Because the GPU has adopted several new technologies such as API DirectX 12 / Vulkan and VRAM GDDR6 / HBM (High Bandwidth Memory).

Here you can use a VGA card with a low-end or mid-end GPU. Actually, a VGA card with a mid-end GPU is very capable of running the latest PC games. In addition to its pretty good performance, the price that must be spent is also not too expensive.

Playing games with IGP (Integrated Graphic Processor) ? Yeah sure! IGP is also still capable of running some modern PC games. It’s just that the resulting gameplay may not have a high enough resolution so it may not be so comfortable when played. Given the ability of the IGP which is not as strong as the GPU on a graphics card.

RAM capacity of 16 GB

Currently, many modern PC games have supported gameplay with high quality and resolution. For that, we need a RAM module that has a large capacity. This is so that the system is able to load more game components, such as maps, textures, assets, mods, and others.

Therefore, for gaming needs this time, you need RAM with a capacity of at least 16 GB. For better performance, ideally RAM is installed with a dual channel configuration. Better yet, the RAM module also supports high speed or has an XMP (eXtreme Memory Profile) feature.

SSD Storage

In order to get a more comfortable gaming performance, it is recommended to use an SSD type storage device. By using an SSD, system performance will be optimized so that it is expected to improve performance and make the gaming experience more enjoyable.

Modern PC games generally have a fairly large size. Therefore, the SSD used must have a large enough capacity as well. Of course, the costs to be incurred are also slightly more expensive. Even if you want to get a large storage capacity and save costs, you can still use traditional storage such as hard disks.

Windows 10 64-bit operating system

Because it uses a PC platform, there are only two possible operating system options, namely Microsoft Windows and Linux. Since most modern computer games are produced for the Windows platform, the recommended operating system in this specification is the latest version of Windows 10 64-bit.

You have to provide a budget to buy a Windows 10 retail package. Inside, a Windows 10 installer DVD/USB, brochure, and COA (license certificate) are available. For the price, it is priced at Rp. 2.6 million for Windows 10 Home and Rp. 3.8 for Windows 10 Pro. This retail license is for one PC only and is transferable.

Windows OS license price does feel quite expensive. For those who don’t have the cost to buy a Windows 10 OS license, maybe you can consider using Linux OS. The Linux platform is available in a wide selection of distributions. In fact, many of them can be obtained for free.

The latest Microsoft operating system, Windows 11. This operating system is built entirely for 64-bit computing. To be able to run Windows 11, you need a desktop/laptop computer with more specifications than Windows 10

Other supporting/complementary components

  1. The monitor used at least has a Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution to get a comfortable display. If necessary, capable of supporting up to 2K/4K resolution. In addition, it is recommended to use digital connectors such as HDMI, DVI, or DisplayPort to maximize the features of the GPU / graphics card used.
  2. Audio devices such as speakers or headsets will be very useful when playing games. This will make the gaming experience more exciting and fun.
  3. You can use standard keyboard and mouse as input components. But it would be better if you use a mechanical keyboard and a professional mouse (high resolution). That way, operating with a computer will feel more comfortable.
  4. Make sure you choose a motherboard that matches the computer hardware components above and a case to accommodate it
  5. For the PSU (Power Supply Unit), make sure you also adjust the hardware components. If you use low-end/min-end class hardware components, a PSU with a capacity of 450-650 W is sufficient. However, if you use high-end hardware components, you are required to use a PSU with a minimum power capacity of 750 W. Oh yes, don’t forget to also adjust the PSU’s power capacity to the electrical power capacity of your place.
  6. It’s incomplete if the computer is not connected to the internet. Here, you can use a wired (Ethernet/LAN) or wireless internet connection (Wifi, you can use a Wireless USB Adapter).

For information, actually every PC game has its own system requirements. Some are higher, but not a few are lower than the specifications above. The recommended specifications above are the “average” of the system requirements of many games.

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