Bungo Stray Dogs – Season 4 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Specialist

Episode 4 of Bungo Stray Dogs season 4 ‘The Perfect Murder and Murderer (Part 1)’ begins off with a person murdering an unconscious man on a roof.

In jail, Ranpo dressed as a teddy bear comes to avoid wasting Kunikida who’s arrested on suspicion of a woman’s homicide. The lady had detonated a bomb which had killed her. Ranpo tells him that he’s being framed by Fyodor and feels responsible for not having seen by way of his entice. 

Ranpo then bumps into Poe who’s studying a homicide thriller and is ready for the prize that he received at an public sale. Poe asks why Ranpo is dressed as a teddy bear and he tells him his punishment for the cannibalistic incident (from season 3) is to be the mascot of a restaurant. He enlists Poe’s assist to search for Fyodor’s specialist who framed Kunikida as Ranpo’s face is understood by all of Fyodor’s males and would break the mission.

Poe is busy along with his public sale however decides to assist Ranpo. While ready for the specialist, they banter on name and Poe hooks in Ranpo by asking him to resolve the homicide thriller he’s studying. Extremely curious, Ranpo nearly jeopardises the mission by going to Poe and taking the homicide thriller journal. The journal states that the creator was killed earlier than the final chapter’s launch and the killer took it.

The creator had recognized about his impending loss of life and written it within the chapter. As regular, Ranpo instantly solves it by stating that the killer was near the creator and killed him to promote the final chapter to the best bidder which simply so occurs to be Poe. They spot a pink envelope that the assassin has left for Poe and at that second see the murdered man fall from the constructing who has the identical face because the specialist they’re in search of.

They consider that he’s the specialist and Fyodor’s Rats killed him to maintain him quiet. Poe and Ranpo rapidly collect that the useless physique is just not of the specialist and that it’s a faux to make them consider that he’s useless. Meanwhile, the actual specialist, the assassin from the roof overhears their deduction and is irritated that his plan failed.

But as he leaves, he laughs like a maniac as he unleashes his skill which erases all the proof and factors out that his plan went precisely as he had hoped. He laughs to himself, revealing that he’s Oguri and he was recruited by Fyodor who freed him from a gang’s clutches two months in the past.

Oguri has his personal calls for like he won’t ever be on the entrance strains and that he’ll depart in per week to kill somebody after serving to Fyodor and Fyodor agrees. He can also be gleeful that he’s gotten cosmetic surgery carried out so nobody can acknowledge him. He additionally means that Fyodor let himself get arrested and now the Detective Agency won’t ever know why.

At the crime scene, Poe is frightened about Ranpo as that is the primary time he has been stumped. However, Ranpo is just not deterred and he merely provides up and leaves. While Oguri laughs out aloud that nobody will catch him for killing the author, Ranpo approaches him and asks for his assist hailing a taxi.

Oguri first finds it hilarious that Ranpo has run into the perpetrator however doesn’t realize it. But as Ranpo refuses to go away Oguri is irritated. At that second, the Rats’ driver comes to select up Oguri and Ranpo will get in and orders them to drop him to the Agency. Both the driving force and Oguri are nervous whereas Ranpo tells him the whole lot he has precisely deduced in regards to the homicide.

The Episode Review

We can lastly see why the vast majority of followers ship Ranpo and Poe. Their friendship is totally lovable as Ranpo who normally annoys everybody along with his self-obsessed perspective lets Poe get near him. Meanwhile, Poe appears as much as him and is in fixed awe. When Ranpo is unable to infer a homicide for the primary time, Poe isn’t frightened about catching the perpetrator however about Ranpo who have to be shocked on the lack of his ‘ability’.

As for Oguri who occurs to be assured in his abilities, evidently solely somebody like Ranpo can unnerve him. Their complete interplay whereas ready for his automotive and the automotive trip was hilarious as Ranpo saved hitting the bull’s eye whereas taking Oguri by way of the homicide. But for somebody as good as Ranpo who doesn’t depend on anybody’s skills, evidently he in all probability is aware of Oguri is the assassin or will discover out quickly sufficient.

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