Best Tips For Choosing A Fitness Center

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The daily temperature difference is increasing, with a minimum of -11 degrees in the morning and 2 degrees of zero and a maximum of 3-10 degrees in the daytime. It will rain or snow in the Yeongdong region, the east coast, and the mountainous regions of North Gyeongsang Province from night. Fine dust is generally at a ‘normal’ level,  

Today’s health = There seem to be many people who promise to exercise regularly from the new year, but have not yet put it into practice. In the middle of winter, it is better to set up a fitness center and start exercising. Fine dust and yellow dust blow from winter to spring, so it is better to cut off membership separately from outdoor exercise. 7 things to check when booking a fitness center.

  • If possible, choose near your home or office. Considering the weekend, it is best to stay close to home as much as possible.
  • Check the operating hours. Especially check the hours of the weekend or public holidays. Also, visit during the time you usually exercise and check whether there are enough equipment in the free weight space and whether the treadmill or indoor bike is full.
  • Check if there are too many people, and if you are going to use a car, check if there is enough parking space.
  • Be sure to check the level of cleanliness. You cannot exercise in the fine dust heaven to avoid fine dust.
  • To use the GX program, you need to watch the time zone carefully. If you deviate even a little from the time you visit the most, it is as if there is no program.
  • Check the shower area. Also check the quality of hair dryers and lotions in the changing room. A plus score if there is a sauna or bath as well as shower facilities.
  • Check that the staff and trainers greet each other well and that the number of trainers is appropriate.
  • Check the terms and conditions carefully. Check whether it is possible to postpone the period during business trips, and whether it is possible to transfer and stop in the middle.

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